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Anyone else here find FF 6 kind of overrated?


I get that these sidequests to regain your people and build your army was good for closing characters individual stories but really for me it just killed the momentum of the game and I felt really bored doing it. I don't mind sidequests at all in fact I love them but I don't like going from an engaging storyline and all of a sudden sidequests are the main drive of the game hell even the final boss fight just felt like another sidequest to me. There was no real build up to it. Also another thing that I didn't like is how most of the towns and places you visit felt dull and bland. Part of the great thing about Jrpgs is visiting new and exciting places and exploring exotic dungeons. There weren't a lot of interesting places in this game. Also I hate hoatthe magic system was broken in that you could give anyone any magic therefore destroying much of their individuality as a fighter.

Please help.

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